The Post-Election Madness


Members of the Trump Cult, which includes the 70M people who voted for his reelection, have been waging a fierce campaign to discredit the election results in several swing states and traditional Republican voting states such as Georgia. These efforts are vast and severe. Beyond the Trump campaign organization, many self-organizing groups have taken to the streets across America to protest what they believe is a “stolen election,” parroting Trump’s Twitter feed nearly verbatim.

The latest coordinated effort of voter disenfranchisement and election nullification comes from Trump’s wacko lawyer, Sidney Powell. She can produce a powerful vortex of bullshit with ease. She explains (sometimes not-so-calmly) why ballot irregularities from at least a dozen states if closely checked, will overturn the election results and reinstall Trump for 2nd term.

All of what she says is pure fiction designed to aggravate and incite Trump’s cuckoo base of voters. Her job is to every-so-slightly nudge them towards civil unrest and violence in support of the Republican party and Trump’s insane view of a “Great America.” These are calculating people with a sharp view on how to effectively activate the worst fears of a group of already borderline lunatics.

But, this Tweet from the mercurially factual Jonathon Swan caught my eye. He summarizes here (albeit in a sarcastic but semi-serious tone) the Trump message spot-on and nicely describes the simplicity of the Republican message. You get Corruption. Socialist Dictator (deceased). CIA. Communism. Conspiracy. That is a considerable load of triggers for the concealed carry bunch.

Rational people need to tune in a bit more to what they hear from the Trump White House and Campaign because the messages aren’t crazy wacko talk; they are entirely scripted and tuned for their supporters’ ears. Fighting against fascist and nationalistic tendencies requires people to understand the subtext of their enemies. Knowing how they are trying to defeat you is half the battle to defending against their attacks.