This is a project we probably should have started years ago, or at least last year with the lockdown. But in actuality, we did still get out a fair bit and Christine had to work everyday in the hospital anyhow, so I guess now is a good time too.

We watch movies and TV series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple+, and some other streaming services. Christine also watches films and shows on “live TV” which I find positively archaic. But for the most part we view things separately. She’s into The Blacklist, Carolina Shores, The Resident, Suits, Grace & Frankie, and lots of thriller-mystery-murder-crime shows. Me? I like everything but horror movies. I get scared, sure, but I find them tedious and a bit silly and formulaic. I’ve watched Arrow, The Alienist, Peaky Blinders, Westworld, Game of Thrones, and loads of spy-thriller-crime-action series and movies as well.

However, it seems we have a lack of proper viewing history when it comes to Oscar Nominated Best Pictures. Many are so far in the past that a reviewing is like a new experience anyhow. So, we decided to watch our way though our lifetimes. That is the Best Picture nominees from 1967 to today (2021). Not sure how far we will make it but let’s give it a go.

The idea is to watch the nominated films for a given year, review them, then rank and see if our pick agree each other and also with the Academy’s choice. That’s 54 years of films, and that might have been manageable in year, but for 2010 when the Academy chose to expand the Best Picture nominations to up to ten from a fixed five. That is a lot of films and time. So, let’ see how this goes.

We will add our thoughts on the site with the tag TheMovieProject and each year will have its own post. Years are randomly picked by me. Here are the first three years we have planned.

1984. Our Review

These were some big films that year. I remember seeing the Amadeus in the theatre, but the the other four I probably saw years later on HBO or by renting from Blockbuster Videos.




Huge year for films. Two of the best movies depicting the uselessness of war went head to head in theatres then for Best Picture. I did randomly choose this year, but these films are among my favourites.



This is going to be a good year for Christine to watch. Films with dancing and foreign languages, check. For me, The Godfather is one of my top 5 favourite films, so it will be fun to rewatch with someone who has never seen it.