The End of the Trump Nightmare


Today Joe Biden was elected the 46th President of the United States of America. Overcoming the Coronavirus pandemic and a flurry of Republican misdeeds designed to disenfranchise Democratic party voters, Joe Biden prevailed and along the way set new records for the number of votes cast for a candidate and in an election total.

Kamala Harris makes history as the first female vice president and for being the first Black woman, as well as the first Indian-American person to hold the office. She will set an incredible example to young Black and brown people about the power of perseverance and education.

For his part, Donald Trump acted like a whiny child as predicted. He spent this historic day tweeting lies and retweeting conspiracies while playing golf. Crowds gathered around the White House and in cities across the US to celebrate the Biden/Harris win, as well as repudiate the Trump presidency.

The US is worse-off by a lot in the last four years, and there is a mountain of things to fix, with the first being the Coronavirus pandemic response. We must break the new ground for world stability, climate change, and migrating peoples’ human rights. Biden needs to show that he is not only the candidate who was the opposite of Trump but that he is the president who will govern for all people regardless of party or ideology.

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