Tesla Cancels Full Self Driving Update…Hopefully Forever


If you know me, then you know I’m more than a bit anti-car. Yes, we need cars, I get it. What we don’t need is more cars or more single driver trips in existing cars.

We definitely do not need 100s of millions of expensive electric cars with automatic self-driving modes. Why do we want to replace the existing auto ecosystem with a new ecosystem that will be much more fragile to operate and will only serve the wealthy for decades before costs fall enough so any person can afford an EV?

You have to admire the hubris of those trying to convince you the solution to climate change is for you to buy a self-driving EV that starts at 50K€.

Now there are troubles with keeping up the pace of introducing autonomous self-driving tech and more scrutiny into its safety.

I believe Autopilot and Full Self-Driving are complete nonsense. I’d like to see a self-driving EV make this trip on a simple mountain road in Austria in January. Yeah, right.


If there is one tiny benefit from the COVID pandemic, we see a decrease in NO2 air pollution. This is mostly attributable to less auto travel. So, by altering our behavior, we can achieve better air quality with the equipment we have. No need to make Elon Musk wealthier. Imagine that.

If you can, try to do fewer things that require a single occupant trip and drive less overall.

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