Covid-19 Vaccine.

More Misery As US Vaccines Wither In Storage


About one month ago, I made the observation that the US will epically botch the vaccine rollout. And now, here come the details and stories about just how bad things are. Trump’s lie about 100 million people vaccinated by year’s end has come and gone with absolutely zero outrage. The first vaccine sabotage, has happened. The US has vaccine doses sitting in storage going bad. As usual, there is no pushback, no activism, no labor actions to shut down businesses until worker protections are implemented. Twitter is ablaze, but the real action is missing.

Now, there is early evidence that a new variant mutation of Sars-Cov-2 is exceedingly more contagious. The first study is indicating that triple the spread can be expected. This variant is now in 33 countries and counting, as health officials start to change their testing regimens to detect the mutation.

New Year’s Eve 2021 was shutdown in most places. We celebrated on our terrace with a Sekt and friends on Zoom at home, and it was terrific. Berlin, where usually a triumphant celebration happens in front of the Brandenburger Tor, was empty. Only the cast and crew were set up for the typical variety show broadcast. In Las Vegas, the streets were filled with future ICU patients and super-spreaders.

Las Vegas New Year's Eve 2021.

Las Vegas New Year’s Eve 2021

While all this is happening, the US Senate is screwing around and delaying $600 or $2000 payments; both are entirely inadequate. More social distancing measures are needed while the vaccine is aggressively deployed. Sadly, that is not likely to happen since people are in denial about their role in the viral spread or their risk of catching Covid-19.

Everything which needs to happen to fight the virus is either bent or broken right now in the US. Nobody can reasonably expect 2021 to be any different than in 2020. It might be worse now that eviction moratoriums have expired, which will send tens of thousands of people into homelessness. The careful observer can see a mounting disaster looming, even though people will eventually become vaccinated.

Then lastly, there are the worst of the worst people. The healthcare worker who thinks a Covid vaccine isn’t ready. Of all the people who could help others feel good about being vaccinated, the healthcare worker would be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, deranged people have become the new influencer.

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