Invincible Lives Up to the Name


About halfway through Episode 2, I stopped seeing the animation. The show is that captivating. The time passes fast, and you need to know what happens next. It is a gore-fest at times, and that’s fine because it needs to be. Anything less than over-the-top, and the show wouldn’t work. It needs to be brutal.

Invincible is the new Amazon Prime Video show about a father and son and their tense relationship. We see the father’s expectations and the son’s inability to meet them. Oh, and the father happens to be Omni-Man, is from another planet, and is the most powerful being on Earth and far beyond, while the son is expected to get his powers in his late teens, and he knows it and is waiting impatiently. A lot is going on there.

Earth is a frequent target of aliens and baddies, and Omni-Man is the planet’s protector. But the Guardians of the Globe, a team of super-powered heroes, are around too and take care of ‘lesser’ problems, like bank robberies and such. That changes pretty quick. See, it gets complicated, and the animation fades to the wayside. But, it’s the animation that allows the show to shine. If not for it, the rating would be R++ or something really strict because the fights and gore are next-level stuff.

Reviewing Invincible is tough because any hints here or there will ruin the experience. It needs to give up its secrets alone. What can be said is the show is terrific and entirely fresh. A few old tropes linger, like the shy high school kid and the popular clique of girls, but they fade away quickly.

The entire Season is watchable across a long day, and I think it might be hard not to try. The show drives you to need to know what’s next, what new secrets are on the horizon. The secrets extend that horizon a long, long way.

If you like animation and comics, the show is a no-brainer. If you’re new to those but might want to watch a different kind of adventure, give it a go. The writing is excellent, and the characters are meaningful. Cecil is a rockstar. Robot, Monster-Girl, and The Mauler Twins are some of the most interesting characters on TV.

It is a wild ride.