How Far Is Too Far?


Yesterday I had a plum in my hand. I was shopping at the grocery store a few blocks from home, picking up the ingredients I need to make my wife’s lunch. I take great pride in concocting a fabulous sandwich and snacks, along with some fruits for her to take to the hospital where she works as an oncologist.

I’m holding this incredibly perfect plum, and I look around for the sign to see if it is priced per Kg or per piece. That’s when I realize my perfect plum came from New Zealand. Plums from New Zealand aren’t odd, except that my local grocery store is in Germany, 18,000 Km from New Zealand. I thought for a moment what to do, then I put the plum back in the bin and found another from Spain, which is grown near Mérida, a mere 1,700 Km from my local grocer.

Does anyone need a plum from the opposite side of the Earth? How about 1,700 Km? How far is too far from your home to buy a food item, knowing the logistics chain necessary to deliver that item to your local store?