Coney Barrett Confirmed


In a stunning act of selfish partisanship, the US Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s open seat on the US Supreme Court. Coney Barrett was selected by the ultra-conservative Federalist Society for her willingness to seek to overturn several landmark cases, specifically Roe v. Wade.

In the last month there has been an abundance of reporting on the hypocritical actions of Senate Republicans, with several recent video clips promising their intent to do the exact opposite of what they actual did by confirming a new Supreme Court justice eight days prior to the presidential election.

The Trump term broadly, and the events of 2020 particularly, continue to provide more evidence and example of what is deeply wrong with US politics.

Senate confirms Barrett to Supreme Court, cementing its conservative majority
President Trumpรขย€ย™s third nominee secured her seat on the court with only Republican votes.

To understand more about why Coney Barrett was offered as a nominee in the first place, and how the US Supreme Court shapes and ultimately decides the social tenor of the US, have a look at Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s presentation at the Coney Barrett confirmation hearings. It’s a dark tale of how playing the long-game of moneyed political power has payed-off big for fundamentalist Christians.

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