A Message of Lies


I hate to post this stuff. Watching Trump lie like there is no truth is exhausting and soul-wrenching. Just how the hell did the US get so screwed up that Americans accept this guy sitting at his tiny desk breathlessly telling lies for 25 minutes straight?

In 55 days, the obscenity that is the Trump presidency will come to an end. The return to an honest cadence of government activity and communication might take a while to feel normal again. When Biden or Harris, or their cabinets appointees, speak, the normalcy of hearing and seeing that will be weird.

I am looking forward to hearing those perfectly normal and boring speeches again.

Until then, we have a supernova of lies. I can’t recommend watching, but if you do, remember this is the Thanksgiving the president of the United States spent a half-hour bitching and complaining about fantastical voter fraud claims. He forgot to wish Americans good health and good tidings for the coming year and possibly reminding everyone to be thankful for staying alive during this pandemic.