1984 – The Movie Project


This was a big year for me. 1984 was the year before I graduated high school and I spent my summer living on Nantucket island as a golf caddy pulling loops at Sankaty Head, until I had enough of that and became the camp’s assistant cook.

I listened to U2 on tape constantly and had one of those endless-summer kinds of times. Christine was 9 so she was probably playing animal doctor on her parent’s farm.

This was a good year for films as I remember from prior viewings. Amadeus, The Killing Fields, A Soldier’s Story, Places in the Heart, and A Passage to India were a solid lineup. It was also the year of This is Spinal Tap and Purple Rain, films that cemented themselves culturally to this day, far more than any of the Best Picture nominees of the year. Amadeus was the big winner with four of the top prizes for film, screenplay, best actor, and best director.

(I will post an update here once our reviews are done. In the future, a post will appear only after the reviews are finished, but to get us going we have this post as a preview.)


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